Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zeland, NZ

The lunar landscape of the Tongariro Crossing

It’s six in the morning and I hardly open an eye. It’s complete silence in the motor-home, and even in the camp site of the little village of Whakapapa. To my great despair, I’m not an early bird but today I’m determined to keep at least one eye open until my body is fit for […]

Photo du mois - les touristes | Photo of the month - the tourists

Photo of the month – August 2016 | The tourists

For a few years now, Chinese tourists have been flocking to Southeast Asia, like on the photo above in Northern Thailand. They arrive in large groups, overexcited, into touristic sites, which obviously contrast with […]

Photo du mois reflet - photo of the month Reflection

Photo of the month – July 2016 | Reflection

For our second participation to the Photo of the month, we are taking you to the Yunnan Province, in Southern China. This photo was taken at the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, located at about a hundred kilometres from the city of Jinghong […]