Bolovens, Laos: bungalows with a view on the river in Tad Lo

Sailmoyen Guesthouse, Tadlo

It was pointed out to us that there are not many « Good spots » posts for Laos. That’s true. However, there is one that left us with a sweet memory during our ride throughout the Bolovens plateau. And as we only want to write about what really stood out in our minds, here is Sailomyen Guesthouse, a place with (and this is true!) the best view of Tad Lo village for a price that would put out even a backpacker.

Bamboo Bungalows

Sailomyen guesthouse rents a few little bamboo bungalows basically decorated – but all the same decorated – standing just by the river. Each one of them has a magnificent little balcony with two hammocks, a table and two big logs. Inside, essentials only: a (comfy) bed, a mosquito net, a little rug and a mirror.
In the evening, when the sun slowly glides down behind the trees, a few buffaloes put up a show in having a bath in the river while green gardens are being watered.

view on the river from the bungalow

How to get there?

Easy. You just go to the very end of the road of the guesthouses, pass by the Fandee guesthouse (note down for later: not to forget to enjoy a nice cocktail in a warm atmosphere here), walk along Mamapap’s famous little restaurant and stop just before crossing the river. There, you’ll see a sign showing that it’s on your right. Sailomyen guesthouse is at the very end of the path.

A charming and modest little paradise in Tad Lo for 40 000 kips per night* (one of the cheapest guesthouses in the village). Bathroom and squat toilets are shared (also with a few shy geckos). Friendly and warm welcome. Hard to leave the place…

* prices of April 2015.




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