Crazy Halloween Night in Tokyo

Halloween 2015 Tokyo

We were talked into celebrating Halloween. OK then, we need a costume! We get a hat here and a pair of socks there. This fake fur will be perfect! Two or three lines of eye pencil will do for a moustache. With our cameras slipped into the pocket and a large smile on our faces, we rapidly attract people’s attention and hear a few giggles on the tube that takes us to Shibuya—the most vibrant area in Tokyo.

We barely get out of the underground that we are caught in the middle of the most tremendous crowd ever near the famous biggest crossroads in the World. Cute cartoon characters are mixing with a group of bloody spooky nurses, a few Luigi and Mario couples are shouting and taking a photo as they run into each other, and the most outrageous wigs and eccentric costumes parade in front of our amazed eyes. Faithful to the standards of the Japanese organisation, a horde of policemen dressed in perfectly neat uniforms manages the flow of the madding crowd all over the place with utmost seriousness.

That’s how we started this Halloween night, which was certainly the craziest one we’ve had so far. We can’t say we are used to celebrating it but you must admit that it was an opportunity we couldn’t possibly miss. What happened next still floats like a good memory in our misty minds.

Shibuya CrossingsLuigis and Marios Halloween 2015Halloween costumes 2015Selfie in Shibuya - Halloween 2015Bioman - Halloween 2015Bloody nurses - Halloween 2015Shibuya CrossingsCrowd in Shibuya - Halloween 2015Skeleton - Halloween 2015Men in nurses - Halloween 2015Policeman in Shibuya - Halloween 2015Batman - Halloween 2015Schoolchildren - Halloween 2015Streets of Tokyo - Halloween 2015Bunnies - Halloween 2015Bee and friends - Halloween 2015In the streets of Tokyo - Halloween 2015Ambulance drivers - Halloween 2015Bees - Halloween 2015Bunny and devil - Halloween 2015Spiderman - Halloween 2015End of the night - Halloween 2015Crazy - Halloween 2015Adams Family - Halloween 2015Naked men - Halloween 2015

And you? What did you do for Halloween?



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