Our favourite ice cream shops in Copenhagen

Glaces de chez Olufs Is, Copenhague

The Danes are crazy about ice cream. Whether it rains, the wind blows or it’s minus 15°C, it’s very common to see a whole family licking an ice cream, while wearing a snow suit and a hat. At the same time, counting how many warm days there can be some years, they are probably not completely wrong – and the good thing is that ice cream doesn’t melt in frosty weather!

Since it’s a serious local custom to have ice cream all year long in Copenhagen, here we share a list of our favourite ice cream shops, all selling delicious homemade ice creams. Of course, we’ve tried and tested every single one of them.

Where to eat fabulous ice creams in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Center

Mamma Che Gelato (Nansensgade 62, 1366 Copenhagen K) – Genuine Italian gelati to die for. Same owner as the excellent pizzeria, La Fiorita.


Nice Cream (Elmegade 30, 2200 Copenhagen N) – Completely decadent vegan, organic and fair-trade ice creams, to customize with great toppings. Two other shops, in Vesterbro and Østerbro; provide a 10% discount if you bring your own container.

Ice cream from Nice Cream in Copenhagen
Vegan ice cream from Nice cream: Caramel sundae, with cookie chunks and peanuts


Isoteket (Randersgade 43, 2100 Copenhagen Ø) – This ice cream shop offers unique and delicious combinations of flavours. All organic ice creams.

Olufs Is (Olufsvej 6, 2100 Copenhagen Ø) – A huge variety of popsicles, which we all want to try. Grab one to enjoy while wandering along the beautiful coloured houses of the street.

Popsicles from Olufs Is, Copenhagen
© Olufs Is

Spaghetti Martelli (Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 42, 2100 Copenhagen Ø) – Ideally located by the lacs (søerne). So close that it gives a damn good excuse for tasting their gorgeous gelati. With some whipped cream on top, like proper Danes.


Ismegeriet (Rued Langgaards Vej nr. 6E – 2300 Copenhagen S) THE ice cream shop, located in DR Byen (Danmarks Radio). Plenty of decadent flavours, ice cream layer cakes, ice cream desserts and more. Best ice creams in town, according to many Danes.

This page will be updated regularly. Stay tuned!

Ice cream
What are your favourite places in Copenhagen to eat an ice cream? What is for you the perfect ice cream?