Photo of the month – September 2016 | Lacework

Trou de crabe, île de Koh Phayam, Thaïlande | Crab hole, Koh Phayam Island, Thailand

The 15th of each month at 12 o’clock sharp Paris time, we post a photo on a specific theme chosen by one of the members of Photo for the month, a group of worldwide amateur bloggers and photographers. A good opportunity for us to share our photos and best travel memories.

The theme of this month is lacework, chosen by Giselle 43.

The theme

I must confess that I immediately thought of Granny’s lace. Would I dare say that I even imagine it like a doily lain on top of a wee dusty TV when the sun lights it and makes it difficult to watch the on-going series? I did. And on the doily, there was even one of those bone China cat with a blue bow-tie… However, Giselle told us that we could find illustrations of lacework everywhere and in anything. Despite that, I only saw it last night while sipping a glass of red wine. I saw what appeared like lacework on… a Thai beach.

The crabs’ artwork

We were resting on a beach on Koh Phayam Island, like two shelves rocked by the ebb and flow of the tide. No soul around (not even a cat, this time!). There were only the two of us, with a sunbathing-resting-reading program, which suited us just fine. And when it was time to tan the other side, backside, I suddenly noticed them: tiny little pellets of sand all around small black holes. It was so delicate that it looked like lacework, but it was done by microscopic white crabs that we could only see out of the corner of our eye.

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