Photo of the Month – July 2016 | Reflection

Photo du mois reflet - photo of the month Reflection

The 15th of each month at 12 o’clock sharp Paris time, we post a photo on a specific theme defined by one of the members of La Photo du Mois (Photo for the month), a group of worldwide amateur bloggers and photographers. This is a good opportunity for us to share our photos and best travel memories.

The theme of this month is reflection, chosen by Testinaute.

Water lilies in the sky

For our second participation to the Photo of the month, we are taking you to the Yunnan Province, in Southern China. This photo was taken at the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, located at about a hundred kilometres from the city of Jinghong, in the Xishuangbanna Prefecture.

These lovely water lilies seem to float gracefully on top of a cloudy pond. They have this particularity that they are hydrophobic and they are slowly trying to get rid of the water from the last shower, a frequent phenomenon in August in this region sometimes called “Celestial Garden” due to its luxurious vegetation and tropical forest.

The entire botanical garden is magic! With a surface of 1125 hectares (2780 acres), it’s both a scientific research centre and a conservation area for over 13 000 extraordinary species. Some of them are unique and only grow in the Xishuangbanna Prefecture, whereas some others come from all over China, and even from other countries. This is one of the most diverse botanical garden for outdoor plants in the world.

We made a stop there when we went to Yunnan, just before the breath-taking Yuanyang’s rice terraces and a complete immersion into the ancient tea gardens of the Jing Mai Mountain. It’s crazy how many amazingly beautiful places this region holds…

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Do you like visiting botanical gardens? Which one is your favourite?

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